Computerization and electronization in law

Computerization and electronization of enforcement proceedings:

Bailiffs are a professional group that, compared to other legal professions, has the greatest potential to implement various IT tools to improve the work of their law firm.

The current bailiff offices are technologically ahead of other legal industries, including legal advisers, attorneys-at-law, notaries having access to a number of IT tools that not only facilitate their work, but are also able to automate it.

Over the years, I have been supporting these types of law firms by proposing and implementing various types of tools to accelerate and optimize work.

The work of a bailiff is not easy. Numerous legal restrictions, a number of controls and responsibility that this profession entails are a real challenge for a person aspiring to this profession. The work itself also requires extensive legal knowledge, as well as an extensive base of qualified employees, which is again associated with increased costs.

The recipe for increasing work efficiency is nowadays computerization. Various types of bailiffs have been and are being implemented by numerous bailiffs now and in the past.

Interview with advocate Adam Pietrak

I encourage you to read the interview given to me by the former bailiff, the current attorney, Mr. Adam Pietrak, who unveiled the secret related to the functioning of his office, which was once the so-called a bailiff's wholesaler:

IT solutions, machines and scripts supporting the work of bailiff offices

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